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  • Episode 60: Can’t Go Back Again

    October 21st, 2018  |  3 mins 54 secs
    inspirational, memories, moments, motivational, reunions

    Thinking back on reunions and trying to revisit earlier moments in our lives. We can't go back, we can only move forward with what we gained from those experiences.

  • Episode 59: Carry on - The Power of a Tradition

    October 14th, 2018  |  2 mins 22 secs
    inspirational, legacy, motivational, tradition

    In 1932, Zedo Ishikawa's accidental death inspiried the tradition of "Carry on". This is a powerful tradition and legacy that has brought together generations of students at Mesa High.

  • Episode 58: Don’t Forget to Drink Water

    October 7th, 2018  |  3 mins 39 secs
    hydration, inspirational, motivational, self-care

    With how busy we can get, it is important to take care of ourselves. In this episode, I talk about hydration and how it can be something that can be overlooked in my life, and the consequences of that.

  • Episode 57: Refinement ON the Journey

    September 30th, 2018  |  3 mins 54 secs
    inspirational, journey, motivational, refinement, starting

    Everything requires constant refinement. We could wait to start until we have it all figured out, but then we may never begin. It’s about improving ON the journey.

  • Episode 56: Repeat Performance

    September 23rd, 2018  |  2 mins 45 secs
    dancing, inspirational, motivational, performing, practice, repetition

    While getting ready for the recent dance showcase, I realized how important it is to keep practicing. The more you practice, the more the activity becomes ingrained in your mind.

  • Episode 55: Missing the Goal

    September 16th, 2018  |  2 mins 55 secs
    failure, goals, inspirational, motivational, steps

    I missed my step goal last Sunday. I look at my reaction to that, as well as what achieving my goal for 945 days in a row did for me.

  • Episode 54: Good Intentions - Sometimes Not So Good For You

    September 9th, 2018  |  3 mins 16 secs
    good intentions, healthy, inspirational, motivational

    Fiber One Bars can be good for you, and they can be healthy. Just....not in all circumstances.

  • Episode 53: Ordinary - The Importance of the Small Things

    September 2nd, 2018  |  4 mins 27 secs
    extraordinary, inspirational, motivational, ordinary, small, thankless jobs

    One of my mentors, Jonathan Brush, told me the phrase "Be Extraordinary in the Ordinary" back in March. This has stuck with me. The importance of the small things, sometimes the things we overlook.

  • Episode 52: Reflections From the Podcast Studio

    August 26th, 2018  |  4 mins 39 secs
    inspirational, motivational

    Today is the day of the annual dance studio showcase. That means it has been almost 1 year of Be Great TODAY. I reflect on what that year has taught me regarding consistency, writer’s block, risks and the big picture.

  • Episode 51: Having A Creative Outlet

    August 19th, 2018  |  4 mins 26 secs
    inspirational, motivational

    Having a creative outlet is a great way to feed your passion in something. I talk about why I believe having a creative outlet has been beneficial for me.

  • Episode 50: Experience - The Way to Get Better

    August 12th, 2018  |  5 mins 16 secs
    experience, inspirational, motivational, practice, skill

    What is the best way to get better at something? I found that I believe it is experience. Information and skill can only go so far, but it comes down to the practice of experience.

  • Episode 49: Imposter Syndrome - Fighting That Negative Voice

    August 5th, 2018  |  4 mins 39 secs
    imposter syndrome, inspirational, motivational, negativity

    In everything I do, there is a voice that speaks to me. It tells me that I can’t do something, causes me to doubt my ability. As I’ve talked with friends and family, I feel this voice speaks to more people than just me.