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  • Episode 69: Reframing Thoughts

    December 23rd, 2018  |  3 mins 35 secs
    inspirational, motivational, positive, reframing, thought

    I recently had a moment where something came up. I remembered a video I saw by my friend Ezra Friedel about reframing your thoughts to be positive.

  • Episode 68: Don't Pre-Think

    December 16th, 2018  |  3 mins 23 secs
    anxiety, inspirational, motivational, worry

    I just took a test and I tried to go into it without worry. This made me think about the other parts of my life where I worry.

  • Episode 67: Looking Back Through My 11 Year Old Hoodie

    December 9th, 2018  |  4 mins 39 secs
    inspirational, motivational, past, reflection

    I'm wearing an 11 year old hoodie. It has caused me to reflect on who I was when I first wore this hoodie.

  • Episode 66: Confidence

    December 2nd, 2018  |  1 min 58 secs
    confidence, doubt, inspirational, motivational

    Confidence is something I lack sometimes. This can affect my speech and my leading in dance.

  • Episode 65: It Isn’t About the Numbers

    November 25th, 2018  |  3 mins 38 secs
    impact, influence, inspirational, motivational, quality

    We can get so wrapped up in the number of people we impact on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It isn't about the numbers, it's about the quality of the impact.

  • Episode 64: A Willingness to Fail

    November 18th, 2018  |  3 mins 43 secs
    creativity, failure, inspirational, motivational

    Pedro Seminario, the Sound Supervisor at Blizzard, mentioned the phrase "Willingness to Fail" at a sound design panel at BlizzCon 2018. This phrase has stuck with me, as it embodies so much about creativity. That ability to risk failing, to hopefully achieve something better.

  • Episode 63: Overthinking

    November 11th, 2018  |  4 mins 14 secs
    inspirational, motivational, overthinking, stressing

    There are times I overthink. This is when I'm thinking about something so much that I think over it so much. That is what happens when I overthink.

  • Episode 62: Sing Your Heart Out

    November 4th, 2018  |  4 mins 20 secs
    bravery, fear, inspirational, motivational, singing

    I attended a Drama Club performance a week ago. What amazed me most was the bravery of the kids to sing their hearts out. They did not let fear stop them.

  • Episode 61: Opportunities For Learning

    October 28th, 2018  |  3 mins 33 secs
    frustration, inspirational, learning, motivational, obbstacles, opportunities, problem solving

    Every problem can be met with frustration, or it can be an opportunity for learning. I find this is so true in my life.

  • Episode 60: Can’t Go Back Again

    October 21st, 2018  |  3 mins 54 secs
    inspirational, memories, moments, motivational, reunions

    Thinking back on reunions and trying to revisit earlier moments in our lives. We can't go back, we can only move forward with what we gained from those experiences.

  • Episode 59: Carry on - The Power of a Tradition

    October 14th, 2018  |  2 mins 22 secs
    inspirational, legacy, motivational, tradition

    In 1932, Zedo Ishikawa's accidental death inspiried the tradition of "Carry on". This is a powerful tradition and legacy that has brought together generations of students at Mesa High.

  • Episode 58: Don’t Forget to Drink Water

    October 7th, 2018  |  3 mins 39 secs
    hydration, inspirational, motivational, self-care

    With how busy we can get, it is important to take care of ourselves. In this episode, I talk about hydration and how it can be something that can be overlooked in my life, and the consequences of that.