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  • Episode 6: Haunted by Memories

    October 8th, 2017  |  3 mins 3 secs
    emotions, ghosts, memories

    I recently visited a place that brought back many memories. I call these Emotional Ghosts.

  • Episode 5: Leading Through Your Feelings

    October 1st, 2017  |  7 mins 7 secs
    feelings, inspirational, motivational, reaction

    How do we handle our feelings? Do we let them control us, or do we control our response to our feelings?

  • Episode 4: Starting a Podcast (or a New Project)

    September 24th, 2017  |  5 mins 32 secs
    inspirational, motivational, podcasting, podcasts, project

    We all have projects we want to start. Here is my experience from starting a podcast.

  • Episode 3: 10,000 Steps To Consistency

    September 17th, 2017  |  7 mins 38 secs
    consistency, fitbit, goals, habits, steps

    What getting 10,000 Steps each day on my Fitbit has taught me regarding consistency in goals.

  • Episode 2: Improv Is Life

    September 10th, 2017  |  4 mins 49 secs
    improv, inspirational, motivational

    Improv has many techniques that can be applied to life. Thank you to scOtt summitt, my improv teacher, for the things he has taught me.

  • Episode 1: Reflections From the Dance Floor

    September 3rd, 2017  |  4 mins 39 secs
    ballroom dancing, dancing, inspiration, motivation

    This past Sunday was my 5th Dance Showcase. I have learned a lot from ballroom dancing. There are things from dancing that can be applied to life.